Can EMDR Make Things Worse

Can EMDR Make Things Worse

Those who looking for can EMDR make things worse, we got some proven points which you may consider before starting the treatment. So here’s what you should know about the EMDR therapy and what are the possible dangers if you opt it!!

Although Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a commonly used therapy for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues, it’s important to recognize that EMDR can sometimes make things worse. This doesn’t mean that EMDR isn’t effective — on the contrary, studies have shown that EMDR is extremely helpful in treating trauma or helping people process difficult emotions — but there are certain risks associated with the practice.

First of all, EMDR can be mentally draining. It requires intense focus and concentration which can cause physical fatigue as well as emotional exhaustion. Furthermore, some people may find the experience overwhelming if they are not prepared to handle the intensity of the emotions that may come up during the session. People who have difficulty regulating their emotions or those with a history of trauma may be especially vulnerable to this type of reaction.

Another potential downside of EMDR is that it can lead to retraumatization if not used correctly. This means that people could experience the same symptoms they did when they first experienced the traumatic event, such as flashbacks or panic attacks. Although their therapist should help them process these feelings in a safe and supportive environment, it’s still possible for people to become overwhelmed by the intensity of their emotions.

Additionally, some people may find it difficult to connect with an EMDR therapist. It takes time and trust to effectively work through trauma using this method, so if a person does not feel comfortable with their therapist, the results may be less effective.

Overall, it is important to remember that EMDR can make things worse if used incorrectly or without sufficient preparation. Therefore, it’s essential that people choose a qualified therapist who is experienced in using this method and has the necessary resources to help them process any difficult feelings or experiences that arise during the session. With the right approach and appropriate caution, however, EMDR can be an extremely powerful tool for healing.

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