EMDR therapy in Baltimore, MD (Maryland), USA

EMDR therapy in Baltimore is provided by many experts and licensed therapists. If you have been suffering from the condition of depression or anxiety or any problem related to memories  then you should consult with an EMDR therapist and start your treatment from very first day.

As the advice of one therapist might confuse you, so you should take the second opinion from an expert therapist and then you can join the sessions to sort the problems.

Care Centre Address Categories Phone Google Maps URL Website
EMDR,Brainspotting and Psychotherapy of Greater Washington D.C., LLC 1306 Lowman St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States Psychotherapist, Mental health service +1 443-534-1142 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=17034858393491160604 http://www.emdrandpsychotherapy.com/
Lorraine Garcia, PhD – Safe Harbor Therapy Sobo Suite, 1414 Key Hwy 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States Counselor, Psychotherapist +1 443-676-0895 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=17503455951682749411 http://www.safeharbortherapy.com/
Believe Counseling 2 S Patterson Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States Counselor +1 410-656-6517 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=16637239417617108726 http://www.believecounseling.com/
New Connections Counseling Center 3600 Roland Ave Suite 4, Baltimore, MD 21211, United States Counselor, Psychotherapist, Mental health service +1 410-801-9700 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=5378313460130521569 http://www.newconnectionscounselingcenter.com/
Alyson Privitera 2 S Patterson Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States Counselor, Practitioner service location +1 410-656-6517 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=8948070906930943720 https://believecounseling.com/
Bolton Therapy & Wellness 1534 Bolton St, Baltimore, MD 21217, United States Counselor, Child psychologist, Psychotherapist, Family counselor, Marriage Consultant, Psychologist +1 410-942-6585 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=4369142669426675491 http://www.boltontherapy.com/
Codori Ann Marie 711 W 40th St, Baltimore, MD 21211, United States Psychologist +1 410-235-6588 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=2936308398347911034 https://www.annmariecodori.com/
Jamie Metzler, LCSW-C 1414 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States Doctor +1 443-501-4094 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=3237572703207790349 https://www.baltimoreanxietytherapy.com/
The Baltimore Center for Psychotherapy 623 W 34th St #105, Baltimore, MD 21211, United States Psychotherapist +1 443-873-0635 https://www.google.com/maps?cid=4603832850669511184 http://www.baltimorecenterforpsychotherapy.com/

This is the list of best EMDR therapists who offer the EMDR therapy services i Baltimore. You can check the name, contact details and directions on map for the consultation and recommend it to others!

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