EMDR Videos

EMDR Videos - EMDR Healing

Short Introductory Videos on How EMDR Works – Bitesize Summaries

How EMDR Works – in 2 Minutes

5 Minute News Feature on EMDR

4 Minute Summary of the EMDR Process and it’s Benefits

Longer Presentations on How EMDR Works and the Process

EMDR Explained Part 1 – Nature of Trauma and Historical Background

EMDR Explained Part 2 – How EMDR Works

EMDR Founder Francine Shapiro Webinar – The Past is Present

EMDR Practitioners Discuss the Effectiveness of EMDR in Treating Different Conditions

Francine Shapiro Interview – 20 Years of EMDR

How EMDR Works – Theories

EMDR For Treating Addiction

EMDR For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

EMDR For Phobias

EMDR For Breakups

Testimonials from EMDR Patients on it’s Effectiveness

Australian EMDR Client – Outcomes Interview

EMDR Testimonials from Women

EMDR Testimonial for Depression and Grief

EMDR Success Story – Iraq Veteran

EMDR Success Story – Panic Attacks

30 Minutes EMDR Success Story Interview


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