What to expect after EMDR therapy

EMDR therapy has been found to have long-term effects on memory and mental health. After EMDR therapy, people often compare the sensations experienced in treatment to a deep relaxation after getting off an emotional roller coaster. Some describe feeling more clarity or inner calmness that comes from better understanding their negative emotions.

Others report feeling lighter, with less intrusive thoughts and worries. Many also report improved moods, increased self-esteem, better sleep and more energy.

EMDR helps to break the cycle of negative thinking so that people can start to move forward in life with more confidence and a sense of empowerment. It can help people heal from traumatic experiences and create lasting positive changes.

With regular practice, EMDR can help to equip individuals with the skills they need to cope with difficult situations and find inner peace. It can also provide long-term stability by helping people gain insight into their thinking patterns and how these impact their behavior.

The effects of EMDR may be felt immediately, however long-term results may require continued practice or additional counseling. By making positive changes and maintaining those changes, people can find an improved sense of well-being that may last a lifetime.

Ultimately, EMDR provides individuals with the skills and understanding they need to live meaningful lives.

The research is clear that EMDR has a lasting impact on our mental and emotional health. If you’re considering trying EMDR, it’s important to speak with a mental health professional to learn more about your individual needs and circumstances. With the right guidance and support, you can make progress toward lasting peace and emotional stability.

For more information on how to get started with EMDR, please contact a qualified health care provider or visit the website for the EMDR International Association. You can also reach out to a local support group or resource center for additional information and resources. With the right help, you can make lasting positive changes in your life and find peace.

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